Grape Soda

Grape Soda has its priorities straight: paying close attention to hooks, emotion, and spirit, the art-pop duo of brothers Mat Lewis (keys, vocals) and Ryan Lewis (drums) keep the songs on their debut LP Form a Sign neatly lean. Mat's songs benefit from a life of studying the greats of post-punk, power-pop, and psychedelia. His delayed-out Farfisa melodies have their roots in a deeply held love for dub, rock-steady, and reggae, which will occasionally make itself heard in Grape Soda's rhythms. Mat's lyrics have a wide-eyed questioning quality that lies at the heart of every punk lifer, without the aggro finger-pointing. Ryan's drumming is a punchy, solid tribute to girl group stomps and blue-eyed soul. Every song is uncluttered verging on deconstructed: rhythm, melody, and just enough harmonic structure to tie it together