Bubbly Mommy Gun

well-greased locomotive of myriad-melody, bubbly mommy gun lasso's some smart good vibes out of the increasing strangeness of the day to day with funky grooves courtesy of Mercer West (Bass) and Joe Kubler (Drums/Electro Drums), the ecstatic slip-n-slides of Greg O'Connell (Synths/Guitar/Vocals) and Charlie Key (Guitar/Vocals), and witty interjections from the likes of Aaron Gentry (Synths), Jeff Tobias (Sax), and Andy Pruett (Trumpet). Easy-listening music for laying out by the volcano or rather house music for tree people. Voted #1 experimental group in the 2011 Flagpole Music Awards.. Bubbly Mommy Gun has two full length releases to date "ain't got no favorite color" and "It's Friday."